About Andrew Evans


I qualified as a chiropractor at the Johannesburg University in South Africa in

2005 after which I came straight over to the UK. After five years in North

Nottinghamshire working in a very successful clinic for a good friend and associate, I bought the Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Hucclecote, Gloucester. I began at St Luke’s Therapy Centre which is an anthroposophical centre in Stroud in 2015.

How I became a chiropractor.

It is an interesting story really. I was getting headaches around the age of 12/13 and I complained enough to my parents for them to do something about it. So I went through the medical mill, examinations, scans and discussions without much success. I eventually ended up in a Psychiatrists office who tried to give me antidepressants. I knew that wasn’t going to work for me so I stopped complaining. In my early twenties I got back pain while training for a marathon and my mum suggested I go see a chiropractor. I did and he told me that I was out of alignment and that I needed to see him twice a week for 6 weeks. Intrigued I followed his recommendations and the first thing I noticed after the first treatment is that for the first time since I was 12 years old I woke up with out a head ache. The fuzziness in my head was gone and I found I could concentrate better. It felt great. That chiropractors name was Dr Abe Kaplan and he was the one who suggested I go and apply to become a chiropractor. I did and here I am.

I work a little differently to most diversified chiropractors using soft touch techniques, adapting accupressure, Chi Gong and reconnecting into the clinical training received at University. The chiropractic adjustment definitely works and I still use it in certain circumstances, it’s really a mixture of what works for the human body.

In my early days in practice I was taught by a great chiropractor that we need to test, adjust and retest to check that the adjustment was successful. A very simple and logical approach to care, just how I like it.

I have been giving talks and doing free spinal screenings at local events to educate people about their health and chiropractic. I was a chiropractic patient before and was impressed at the ease with which my problems were corrected after years of being in pain. I am passionate about chiropractic and passionate about how it helps people, in a very real and concrete way, to change their lives for the better.

I am happily married and my wife (Andy) and I have a beautiful son named Chad and a bright, bubbly daughter named Clara, born in 2007 and 2012 respectively.