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Chiropractic is a fantastic solution for:

  • Neck Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Disc problems

  • Knee Pain

  • Shoulder problems like rotator cuff injuries.

  • Joint Related Issues

  • Stress and Tiredness

Chiropractic looks at the neurobiomechanics (nerves, joints and muscles) and seeks to correct imbalance or misalignment. This in turn releases tension in the system.

It’s as if you were carrying a backpack through life and each injury, trauma or dysfunction is like a rock going into the backpack (orthostatic load/stress). It doesn’t necessarily cause pain but it does make movement more difficult and tiredness and stiffness set in. If the backpack gets too heavy there will be a breakdown.

Each time you are adjusted it is like we are removing boulders from your back pack leaving you better able to cope with day to day life.

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Healing works on other levels. We have a mind and a body, or as the neuroscientists are now calling it a mind-body. We also have a spirit. By entering into the connections between the elements of the body, mind and spirit we are able to reconnect the body, or body-mind, with the original design and live a more deeply fulfilled life.

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About Andrew Evans


I qualified as a chiropractor at the Johannesburg University in South Africa in

2005 after which I came straight over to the UK. After five years in North

Nottinghamshire working in a very successful clinic for a good friend and associate, I bought the Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Hucclecote, Gloucester. I began at St Luke’s Therapy Centre which is an anthroposophical centre in Stroud in 2015.

How I became a chiropractor.

It is an interesting story really. I was getting headaches around the age of 12/13 and I complained enough to my parents for them to do something about it. So I went through the medical mill, examinations, scans and discussions without much success. I eventually ended up in a Psychiatrists office who tried to give me antidepressants. I knew that wasn’t going to work for me so I stopped complaining. In my early twenties I got back pain while training for a marathon and my mum suggested I go see a chiropractor. I did and he told me that I was out of alignment and that I needed to see him twice a week for 6 weeks. Intrigued I followed his recommendations and the first thing I noticed after the first treatment is that for the first time since I was 12 years old I woke up with out a head ache. The fuzziness in my head was gone and I found I could concentrate better. It felt great. That chiropractors name was Dr Abe Kaplan and he was the one who suggested I go and apply to become a chiropractor. I did and here I am.

I work a little differently to most diversified chiropractors using soft touch techniques, adapting accupressure, Chi Gong and reconnecting into the clinical training received at University. The chiropractic adjustment definitely works and I still use it in certain circumstances, it’s really a mixture of what works for the human body.

In my early days in practice I was taught by a great chiropractor that we need to test, adjust and retest to check that the adjustment was successful. A very simple and logical approach to care, just how I like it.

I have been giving talks and doing free spinal screenings at local events to educate people about their health and chiropractic. I was a chiropractic patient before and was impressed at the ease with which my problems were corrected after years of being in pain. I am passionate about chiropractic and passionate about how it helps people, in a very real and concrete way, to change their lives for the better.

I am happily married and my wife (Andy) and I have a beautiful son named Chad and a bright, bubbly daughter named Clara, born in 2007 and 2012 respectively.

Prices and Hours


Concession or discounted rates are available through the booking site or direct through Andrew.

  • Initial Consultation – £60.00
    • This will be your first appointment and will include a consultation, and a clinical examination (posture, neurology, orthopaedic and chiropractic). A verbal report will be given on your next visit, this visit is called the second visit. This appointment is 45 minutes long
  • Second Visit – £45.00
    • During this appointment Dr Evans will go through the results of your examination, his diagnosis and options for further treatment. Your first adjustment will be performed on this visit. This appointment is 30 minutes long.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment – £45.00
    • You are currently in a course of chiropractic care and this is one of your adjustments. The length of your adjustment appointment will vary according to what is required, however, most adjustments are completed in 10 minutes.
  • Re-assessment – £45.00
    • A Re-assessment is carried out after 12 adjustments. This is necessary for us to check where you are in your care and to make sure that we are achieving our objectives. This is also done in patients who have been out of care for over a year or have had a serious illness or accident since their last adjustment. The re-assessment will include an adjustment.
  • Healing FIrst Visit – £60
    • People mainly come for healing sessions about a specific complaint, so we’ll discuss this complaint and certain other relevant information.Usually 45 minutes duration.
  • Healing Session – £60
    • This is a regular healing session where you’ll be lying down or seated. Healing is very relaxing and can make you feel quite light and alive. I’ll be working on your mind, body and soul (spirit). The exact nature of these sessions will change according to you and what we are working on. This is usually 30 minutes duration.


Monday  8.00 am to  7.00 pm

Tuesday 8.00 am to 5.00pm

Wednesday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Thursday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm

Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

01453 763755  (The receptionist (Denise) is in Mon – Fri 8.30-12.30)

or call/text

07470224214 (Anytime)

Please leave a message as we may not  be able to answer the phone straight away.

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